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These days, many of us have little choice but to stay home due to COVID-19. While avoiding going out is indeed one of the best preventative measures one can take and is absolutely necessary in some situations, it sure can get old quickly. Even for me, a self-proclaimed homebody, being stuck at home is a bit troubling, considering how much time I now devote to watching K-dramas (I highly recommend “The Cursed” and “Stove League“).

Recently, however, I realized that this might be an excellent time to learn a K-pop dance or two (or maybe 10). Not only will doing so give me another means of filling my free time, but it also might help me get my exercise schedule back on track. Of course, it’s also entirely possible I’ll wind up just watching dance practices for hours on end without actually trying them…

Anyway, whether you’re quickly turning into a full-fledged couch potato like me, trying to distract yourself from all the chaos, or just bored out of your mind while sitting at home, I hope these dances will add a little fun and joy to your day.

“Jealousy” by MONSTA X

Boy is it tough to pick just one song by MONSTA X when pretty much all of their dances have iconic moments. I particularly like the dance for “Jealousy,” though, because of its use of relatively simple and often subtle movements that still manage to pack a real punch. Also, if you’re looking for a bit more detailed instruction on how to pull off some of these moves, then you’re in luck because the members themselves prepared a short tutorial!

“1M1S” by W Project 4

This is by far one of my favorite song/dance combos from 2019. That said, while the song itself is addictive, what really drew me in was the choreo. Seriously, months later, I still can’t get over the move they do during the chorus that mimics the hands on a clock. Also, can you believe this is just a pre-debut single? I can only imagine what other dances these boys will come out with after they officially debut.

“Knock Knock” by TWICE

Although TWICE never fails to display their adorable charms while dancing, this is arguably one of their cutest choreos. And even if you have zero confidence in your dancing abilities, I’m certain anyone can at least follow along with some of TWICE’s knock-knocking, which is really the key element of the dance anyway. Please remember to minimize any real life door-knocking until after the coronavirus situation has calmed down though.

“Tonight” by UP10TION

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not smile during this dance, regardless of whether you’re actively participating or simply watching. Then again, that might just be the HONEY10 in me talking. Nevertheless, this dance is a fun one that’s (almost) guaranteed to put you in good spirits with its high energy, youthful vibe.

“Senorita” by (G)I-DLE

If you’re looking to spice things up a little, then this one is for you. “Senorita” strikes a lovely balance between sexiness and classiness, incorporating lots of hand and arm movements that one can’t help but be drawn in by. Just be sure to exercise extra caution if you choose to sport your own pair of heels while practicing this dance.

“Thumbs Up” by MOMOLAND

In classic MOMOLAND fashion, the dance for “Thumbs Up” has lots of groovy hip swinging, particularly during the chorus. It’s also one of the easier ones to learn out of those listed here, making it a solid choice for beginners and anyone looking to just have a little casual fun. In fact, you really don’t even need to think about whether you should try this one or not — just put those thumbs up!

“Say My Name” by ATEEZ

Does anything really need to be said to convince you that learning an ATEEZ dance is a must? Though, I must admit, these kings do set the bar pretty high given the intensity of both their movements and facial expressions. Even so, I encourage you to muster up all the confidence and ferocity you’ve got (summon your inner “Pirate King,” maybe?) and give this one a go.

“Senorita” by VAV

In case one song called “Senorita” wasn’t enough for you, here’s another. There’s just something about Latin-style K-pop that makes you want to dance, no? It’s also nice to see that the choreography for this track incorporates some elements that were clearly inspired by Latin dance styles. By the way, if you want to see the key points from the chorus done a touch slower, give this mini dance class by VAV’s own BaRon a watch!

“Boy In Luv” by BTS

In terms of BTS’s discography, “Boy In Luv” may be a bit of an oldie at this point, but it’s still a goodie. This dance will definitely help you release any pent up energy you might be experiencing while stuck at home thanks its big, powerful moves. It might even help you cope with having to wait for their North American tour to be rescheduled, should you be impacted by the changes.

“Boogie Up” by WJSN

Looking to tone your arms this spring? While I can’t promise that this dance will give you your desired results, it’ll certainly have you making good use of all your arm muscles. Plus, the song itself is light and fun, making it hard to not want to groove along and “shake that boogie up.”

What are some of your favorite K-pop choreos? Also, if you’ve done any of your own dance covers, feel free to share them below!

seheee is a software engineer by day and an avid K-pop concert goer by night. She also occasionally makes an appearance on Twitter (@_seheee).

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