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BTS’s Jimin couldn’t wait to show fans his new piercing!

On October 20, Jimin took to Naver’s V Live to chat with ARMY (BTS’s official fandom) about various topics in real time.

Early on in the live broadcast, Jimin asked, “Remember last week when I said, ‘Should I get my ear pierced?'” Pointing to a brand-new piercing on his ear, he continued, “So I went and got a cute new piercing here.”

Jimin went on to explain, “There was a day when my schedule ended early, so when I was in the car with our manager, I asked him, ‘Hyung, should I get my ear pierced?’ and he said, ‘Let’s go.’ So we went right away, and I got another piercing.”

Proudly showing off that he now had two piercings in each ear, Jimin added, “Now my right ear and left ear are symmetrical!”

Check out the clip of Jimin’s live broadcast below! (He first mentions his new piercing at 6:06 in the video.)

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