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《ELLE》美國版 IG 陸續公開 BLACKPINK 拍攝的畫報照片,每位成員妝髮、服裝看起來都十分完美。

在採訪中,提到關於團隊的部分,JENNIE 說:「我們一開始就生活在一起。培訓時間結束後,我們會一起回家、訂餐、討論對老師有多害怕程,與工作量太大等等。就像學校的孩子如何成為朋友那樣,我們相處融洽。這真的很簡單,都不需要互相嘗試。」。



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BLACKPINK in your area and on the cover of ELLE! For our October issue, the biggest girl group in the world—K-Pop stars Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo @blackpinkofficial—take us inside their journey to world domination. From their history-making 2019 Coachella performance, to breaking YouTube records thanks to their loyal fanbase (shoutout #BLINKs), music’s next big thing is straight outta Seoul and soon to be everywhere. “These days, we have no boundaries when it comes to work,” Jennie says. “Even on our days off, we’re basically at the studio recording.” As Rosé puts it, “Life is work, and work is life!” Click the link in bio for the full cover story. #BLACKPINKxELLE ELLE October 2020:⁣ Editor-in-Chief: @Ninagarcia⁣ Talent: @blackpinkofficial⁣ @roses_are_rosie @jennierubyjane @sooyaaa__ @lalalalisa_m ⁣ Photographer: @kimheejune⁣ Fashion Direction: @charlesvarenne⁣ Stylist: @meenmeenmeen_⁣ Writer: @mariasherm⁣ Entertainment Director: @jenweisel⁣ Hair: @iseonyeong1118 @agency_garten Makeup: @iammaeng⁣ Manicure: @nail_unistella⁣ Set Design: Seo Yun Choi⁣ @set__darak Production: Lee Kyung Kim⁣ @blcreativehouse On Set Coordinator: Hee Young Park

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